Generally , our prices of new instruments would be in line with most Australian music stores.

Used guitars are noted as such , with MY manufacture year stated if known .
Any damage and /or repairs are noted , if known.

All instruments are sold in working order at time of sale.
One complimentary service is offered on each instrument purchased .


Free freight for web orders (cart only) purchased in Australia.
Does not necessarily mean free delivery for purchases made in person in our physical store.

East coast Australia time would be 2-3 days after payment clears. Longer for Western Australia and NT.
Acceptance of delivery required and signed for.
Delivery to a workplace reception is ideal .
Australian Post pick up notification issued for - attendance at residential addresses.

You are entitled to a refund or repair or exchange or credit if the goods you have purchased are:
1. Faulty
2. Significantly different to those shown or described to you, or
3. Not doing what they are supposed to do
Please choose carefully when buying. You won’t automatically get a refund for changing your mind, unless this was a condition of the sale. Please keep your receipt as proof of purchase.


Used amplifiers are sold in `working order ’ from our store.
There is no warranty.
Any further repairs are the buyer’s responsibility.
No returns accepted.
New amplifiers fully covered by manufacturer’s  warranty.
Valve amps require constant, continuous maintenance.

All used guitars are sold in good playing order from our store.
Any known repairs, defects , or alterations are noted at time of sale.

Authorised return of used guitar or amplifier purchased from our store may be considered on a case by case basis and is at our discretion.