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Setup (internal & external clean/ fret polish/ clean electronics/restring/ adjust truss rod/ check nut/ adjust action/ intonation $90.00
Setup - locking trem $105.00
Restring only (quick cleanup, no setup) $30.00
Make new nut or saddle (bone blank) $95.00
Fret dress (includes setup) $160.00


1. install ouput jack $30.00
2. install pickup POA
3. replace pot/switch POA
4. fix earth hum (this can range from quick and simple to very time consuming. Will discuss after examination.) POA

Acoustic guitar pickup installation POA


Prices do not include strings or parts
Setups MUST be done with fresh strings
Price may vary according to complexity of job required.  Customer will be contacted if the cost exceeds standard quote.

Service Centre Testiomonials

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- Raj Rahend, Band Name

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As per the current COVID-19 guidelines, Wild Horse Guitars remains open for business until further notice.
However, please bear in mind:
- Social distancing must be observed at all times.
- If you’re feeling ill in any way, please stay at home.
- If you’ve seen something in the store previously or online that you would like, you can phone or message us for more detail, and/or to arrange payment and delivery.

We’ll be offering free delivery Australia wide until further notice.