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Sonus - SC30

Product Description

This is one for the connoisseur of the unusual.  

The Sonus SC30 (green badge) is a very rare hand built tube amplifier made by Tam Lynch (Sonus Engineering) in Glasgow around 2001.

This amp won a Scottish design award when it was released but proved visually too radical for most guitarists at the time.  It is either sensational or bizarre depending on your viewpoint.  The cabinet is designed with acoustic resonance chambers.  The knobs mirror the design of the 'S' in the Sonus logo and click into place when turned.

Components are high quality; aircraft grade aluminium and marine ply with the kind of lacquered top usually seen on pianos.  Point to point wired with a 2x 12AX7 preamp and 2x EL34 power stage. Drivers are 12" Celestion (Sonus badged) and the output is a loud 30 watts. 

This amp is not about 'features'.  Controls are minimal in that there is no reverb, second channel or effects.  Where it all comes together is the big clean sound and particularly as a palette for pedals. With the gain fully maxed and the volume upped the SC30 achieves a nice crunch which is 'British' in flavour but without full on overdrive.  

Dimensions: Height 66cm, Width 76mm, Depth 270mm and Weight 33 kg. 
Custom fitted padded cover included.



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